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10 Easy DIY Ways To Celebrate The 4th Of July

DIY your way to red, white, and blue!

1. Party Garland / Via Oh Happy Day

Because what’s a 4th of July without a backyard par-tay and what’s a backyard par-tay without some awesomely festive garland?

2. Painted Stripes / Via Sew DIY

Give a basic blue (or red) dress some patriotic flair with a few hand painted white stripes!

3. Celebrate with a Drink / Via The Fab Life

America, we love ourselves a good themed cocktail.

4. Proper Attire / Via What I Wore

Show your pride right where it was meant to be shown…on your shorts!

5. Picnic Ready / Via A Subtle Revelry

The perfect picnic needs the perfect picnic blanket. And a painted canvas version means that even your spills look “artistic”.

6. The Perfect Tank / Via Dear Stella

“Tanks” for the freedom, America! (bad joke, we know)

7. Table Settings / Via Anthropologie

Shibori dyed napkins are a much more chic way to wipe apple pie and ice cream off of your face.

8. Stitchin’ Stripes / Via Red Letter Day Stitches

It took months to stitch the first American flag by hand but you can finish up this little cross stitch version is just a day. You know how much we love our speed and efficiency!

9. The Red, White, and Blue Update / Via Adventures in Dressmaking

Ok, so maybe this look skews a bit more to the French side but what can we say, we have a hard time turning down a striped shirt and a killer croissant.

10. Stamped Style / Via Fine Craft Guild

Create your own unique red, white, and blue design using just a little bit of bleach and your imagination.

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