10 Ways To Hack Your Heels

You betta upgrade that footwear, girl.

1. Lace-Back Pumps

Fact: everything is better with lace. Directions here.

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2. Blue Ruffle Heels

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Find out how to make them here.

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3. Killer Comic Book Heels

Directions here.

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4. Sparkly Strap Wedges

Directions here.

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5. Studded Kitten Heels

Full tutorial here.

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6. Spiked Pumps

Not for the faint of heart. Get the directions here.

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7. Colored Soles

Put Louboutins to shame. Here’s how.

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8. Alexander Wang-Inspired Gladiator Shoes

Full tutorial here.

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9. Crystal Wedge Heels

Directions here.

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10. Tuxedo Bow Pumps

Find out how to make this insanely easy DIY here.

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