10 DIY Ways To Step Up Your Beauty Routine

Get ready for spring with 10 easy (and great-smelling) at-home projects!

1. Make a face scrub from stuff you probably already have in your kitchen.

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After all that harsh winter cold it’s time to give your skin a little buff and polish.

2. Spritz it up with rosewater.

Delighted Momma / Via delightedmomma.com

Rosewater calms and soothes your skin and also makes a good final touch to your morning makeup routine.

3. Make a lip balm for yourself (and for everyone else you like).

Jen Carreiro/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Nobody wants to make out with flaky chapped lips. Nobody.

4. Blush with beets.

Yum Universe / Via yumuniverse.com

Look like you just ran a mile without all the sweaty, painful effects of actually running a mile.

5. Bite with berries.

The Beauty Department / Via thebeautydepartment.com

Nothing is better than a berry lip color. Even better when it’s all natural!

6. Remove makeup naturally.

Free People Blog / Via blog.freepeople.com

Keep those eyes bright and shining without all the harsh chemical components.

7. (And gently!)

la Mel / Via kollabora.com

And while you’re at it, ditch those scratchy remover pads for some super soft (and reusable) flannel ones!

8. Bomb your bath.

Jen Carreiro/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Rough day? Soak it away with some calming lavender bath bombs.

9. Keep your brushes clean.

Lipstick and Ponytails / Via lipstickandponytails.com

We don’t even want to think about how much gunk is caked on our makeup brushes, we just want it gone!

10. Pack it up and go!

Kate Smalley/Kollabora / Via kollabora.com

Keep all your fave DIY beauty treats in one place with a sleek, see-through makeup bag!

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