8 Accurate Comics About Being An OkCupid-Loathing Single

OkCupid brings out the worst in everyone. An exclusive peek into Liz Prince’s new book of comics!

1. Your social life:

Liz Prince
ID: 2441348

2. Flying solo to weddings:

Liz Prince
ID: 2441261

3. Your friends, wondering why you’re still single:

Liz Prince
ID: 2441263

4. OKCupid holding a mirror to your less noble instincts:

Liz Prince
ID: 2441228
Liz Prince
ID: 2441267
Liz Prince
ID: 2441268

5. Texting someone you find online:

ID: 2441266

6. Finally going on a first OKCupid date:

Liz Prince
ID: 2441280

7. Learning when to cut out flakey dates from your life (even when the cute guy/girl actually likes you):

Liz Prince
ID: 2441260

8. And learning to appreciate your friends:

Liz Prince
ID: 2441237

Find more of these comics in “Alone Forever,” Liz Prince’s new book!

Copies available at Top Shelf Productions. Check out Liz’s other works at her personal website. You can also find her on her current book tour across the U.S.

Godspeed to all of us on V-day.

Liz Prince
ID: 2441590

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