Dan Goldman’s Illustrated Guide To Drawing A Page Of Comics

How to use vectors, photos, selfies, and 3D models to finish a page of “Red Light Properties,” which hits bookshelves today.

“Red Light Properties” revels in its unusual premise: it’s a tale of a psychic realtor exorcising condos and selling “certified pre-haunted” houses in a mortgage crisis-ravaged Miami. As the print version hits bookshelves today, author Dan Goldman shares with BuzzFeed an exclusive peek into how he draws a page of comics from start to finish, patching together elements from 3D models, photos, and Illustrator vectors.

Dan Goldman came to comics slantwise as a film student. He’s been an early champion of the web comic form, helping start the ACT-I-VATE collective on LiveJournal in 2006 and garnering the attention of the Eisner Award committee and the New York Times for “Shooting Wars.”

“My process is definitely informed by going to film school. It’s very production-based, but the beauty of that is that I’m a one-man production studio,” Goldman said. “I make the whole thing. I’m the screenwriter, the director, the editor, the set-dresser — in some cases the actor, the cinematographer, all of it. And I find that that makes [comics] one of the most creatively pure mediums right now.”

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