768 Artists Are Redrawing Akira Comics With Simpsons Characters

Biggest Crowd-sourced comic ever? On Tumblr, James Harvey galvanized comic artists to reinterpret more than 2,000 pages of “Akira” comic with Simpsons character.

http://cameron-stewart.tumblr.com / Via http://cameron-stewart.tumblr.com

These artists make better Akira casting decisions than Hollywood.

When comic artist James Harvey called on his friends to reinterpret Akira (a seminal cyberpunk comic/anime, one of Kanye West’s favorites) with Simpsons characters, he did not image how many submissions he’d get. The result is one of the largest crowd-sourced comics projects Tumblr has ever seen. 768 artists are now reinterpreting over 2,000 pages of this comic, each of them drawing up to 6 pages.

Sweet Tumblr geekdom, you are a wide and zealous place.

5. Ryan Humphrey drew that first mash-up pages that inspired James Harvey to organize the project.

7. Here’s a cast list of which “Simpsons” characters play which “Akira” role:

8. And here are some sample pages so far. From SpaceAgedPolymerArt:


18. Watch the whole wild project unfold on the #Bartkira tag on Tumblr.

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