17 Beautiful And Mouthwatering Photos Of Edomae Sushi

These gems of traditional sushi-craft are over-the-top beautiful.

The modern nigiri sushi we know was invented as fast food for busy travelers in 18th Century Tokyo (known then as Edo). Bite-sized grabs of rice and raw fish were treated with kelp, vinegar, light soy sauce, herbs and other zests to stall spoilage and make the goods last longer.

Now, with refrigeration so widely available, seasoning each piece of sushi has become a luxury treatment rather than a preservation necessity. As a result, that kind of classic Edomae sushi — especially made with fresh Tokyo Bay catch — will burn a hole in your wallet the size of Idaho. But hey, no harm in gawking at pictures, right?

ID: 888679

2. Let’s start with a monkfish foie gras appetizer.

ID: 887092

3. Then some salmon roe and mackerel.

ID: 883957

4. Some fresh flying fish.

ID: 884106

5. And a bite of citrus-dressed needlefish.

ID: 883919

6. Each piece here looks like a tropical island I can’t afford to retire on.

ID: 887007

7. Kanpachi yellowtail

ID: 884043

8. Tuna tartare and sea urchin: cupcakes of the sea

ID: 884074

9. Flounder with yuzu zest

ID: 887286

10. Squid with shiso leaf

ID: 886679

11. Kinmedai snapper

ID: 886455

12. Seared chopped amberjack

ID: 883960

13. Snapper usuzukuri

ID: 884196

14. Soy-marinated snapper

ID: 886462

15. Tuna belly

ID: 886944

16. Kodai snapper

ID: 888728

17. Okay, stop it. Just stop it.

ID: 887532

18. Mortgage my spleen and let me eat already.

ID: 886886

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