13 Ways Animal Crossing Will Stomp On Your Heart

Beware: these cute games are emotional bruisers.

1. Aren’t these villagers cute? Don’t just just want to frolic in the grass and call them schnoo schnoo?

ID: 1251696

2. Hold it right there, New Leaf mayor. They know you have feelings, and they’ll gut you for having them.

ID: 1251698

3. This is what happens when you try to impress your cutest neighbor.

ID: 1239389

4. And when they finally start returning your letters–

ID: 1251708

5. –they’ll ditch you for a better town.

ID: 1239383

Meaner new neighbors will live in the houses you were once welcome in.

ID: 1249335

6. Being yelled at by Mr. Resetti will seem like a walk in the park.

ID: 1250410

7. They’ll talk such smack behind your back.

ID: 1250360

8. You’ll try to escape the neverending gauntlet of shopping, mortgage, and home-improvement hell–

ID: 1250130

9. –But everyone will judge you by the clothes you wear, the furniture you buy, the zip code of your paltry house.

ID: 1248917

10. They’ll talk about hipsters a whole lot.

ID: 1249076

You’ll live under the thumb of this slum lord.

ID: 1238784

13. And Phyllis will never let you write back to your mom.

ID: 1251762

15. Crazy Redd’s auction will prey on your love for art.

ID: 1249132

16. The museum will sarcastically frame your greatest achievement.

ID: 1251712

17. What is this? Parks & Recs?

ID: 1238778

18. Oh my lord, what is even going on?

ID: 1251717

19. The only ones you can trust is that stoner Pascal.

ID: 1239361

20. And this DJ guitarist dog.

ID: 1251778

21. And this down-and-out shoeshiner dude.

ID: 1251719

22. Guard your feels in New Leaf. Animal Crossing is HARSH.

ID: 1251781

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