13 Most Horrifying Birds In The Universe

Birds of a feather burn the world together. Tru scientifique faxx only.

1. True scientific fact: the godzilla parrot drove all superheros to extinction

ID: 974456

2. The PH level of an acid owl’s spittle is -9,000

ID: 974208

3. The lich cormorant builds its nests from human femurs

ID: 974163

4. Drill owls can fly right through a tank’s armor

ID: 974175

5. Its only natural predator is the drill cat

ID: 974187

6. The stomping duck buried all of North Korea’s nukes

ID: 974334

7. Pterocranes plucked Amelia Earhart out of the sky

ID: 974127

8. Bicep gulls preside over thrones of skulls

ID: 974207

9. Why. Why is this even happening.

ID: 975166

10. This octo-owl will trail its moist tentacles across your cheek at night

ID: 974210

11. 12.5% of the world’s knife crimes are contributed by this golden eagle alone

ID: 974213

12. The cerebrus cockatrice nagged half of ’50s teenagers to death

ID: 974490

13. And this galactic songbird exploded over Siberia

ID: 974501

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