23 Unknowable Mysteries About Drinking Straws

You think you know. But you don’t know.

1. Why are the McDonald’s straws SO wide?

Courtesy of Revolution Films

Look how hard you’re making it for poor Alan Rickman to get his mouth around this straw.

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2. How do you wash these?

Seems kind of unsanitary, right? You can’t really wash them, just rinse them out with water.

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3. Why do bodegas insist on giving you a straw and bag for a soda you’re clearly going to drink immediately?

ID: 806679

4. Wouldn’t these trendy new cardboard straws get all damp and gross?

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5. Are you supposed to drink from the cocktail straw? If not, what do you do with it? Let it hit you in the nose?

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6. And if there are 2 drink stirrer-straws, do you drink out of both?

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7. Was this ever an issue people struggled with? Using straws in cans is bad anyway.

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8. There is NO way this is possible, right? You couldn’t stick a straw into a thick orange peel like this. Hasn’t this always driven you nuts?

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9. How hard did you wish this actually worked as a kid?

ID: 808105

10. What holds together the seam on the wrapper? Glue? Is it just pressed?

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11. How does a straw “worm” work?

ID: 808229

Ahh, straw worm, reveal your secrets!

ID: 816849

12. Why does anyone use bendy straws in soda when it definitely makes it flatter by the time it gets to you mouth?

It fizzes it right it passes through, making it flatter by the time it gets into your mouth.

ID: 808235

13. How are you supposed to get the salt from around the rim of a margarita if you use the straw?

ID: 817291

14. Why is it so much fun to blow the straw wrapper off in your friend’s face?

ID: 814671

15. Why aren’t these things everywhere? These are GREAT!

I feel like you only see these cool straw holders at Johnny Rockets.

ID: 808456

16. Who thought this was a good idea? This just means you can’t finish the very end of your slurpee.

ID: 813798

17. Have these ever worked for anyone? You just end up with a giant mouthful of air before any liquid gets in.

ID: 813980

18. Why do restaurants sometimes leave the paper tip on the straw? We trust you with the rest of our food, we’ll trust you with our straw.

ID: 815857

19. Why is drinking beer from a straw not a widely accepted practice?

ID: 817244

20. Are these straws used for anything other than bubble tea?

ID: 815876

21. What is the cap on these water bottles for? It’s not like it’s going to stop liquid from leaking out. Also, it just hits you in the cheek.

ID: 816265

22. Is it really true if you make a knot with a straw wrapper and it stays, it means your crush is forever?

ID: 816392

23. Is there anything in the world worse than this?

ID: 816742

Oh wait, there is.

ID: 816845

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