Insane Food Prices In Northern Canada

In the remote northern Canadian territory of Nunavut, food comes with a shocking price tag due to transportation costs. The mostly Inuit population there has started a Facebook group with images of food prices to bring attention to the issue.

1. $10.29 Bag of Tostitos

2. $11.29 Can of frozen orange juice

3. $5.69 Loaf of bread

4. $9.32 Mixed frozen vegetables

5. $7.71 Mixed frozen vegetables

6. $9.39 Frozen strawberries

7. $8.64 Milk (2 liters)

8. $22.99 Fruit punch (2 liter)

9. $11.29 Margarine

10. $29.89 Ground Coffee

11. $6.69/lb Apples

12. $11.49 Topicana orange juice; $7.15 generic store brand juice

14. $5.99 Cantaloupe

15. $11.19 Peanut butter

16. $104.99 24-pack of bottled water

17. $9.99 Shredded mozzarella

19. Protestors outside a grocery store

20. $70.18 Beef (1.355kg or 3lbs)

21. Protestors holding signs in English and Inuktitut

22. Map of Nunavut territory:

Facebook: 239422122837039 / Via

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