29 Guilty Faces Of Cats In Christmas Trees

For cats, putting a tree in your living room is like setting out a plate of heroin in front of an addict. They simply can’t help but climb that sucker.

3. Super fucking guilty.

ID: 735066

4. Guilty.

ID: 735051

5. Guilty and stuck.

ID: 735100

6. Don’t try to hide.

ID: 735079

7. Guilty guilty guilty guilty goddammit so guilty.

ID: 735096

8. “Has the jury reached a decision?” “Yes, your honor. We find the defendant GUILTY AS FUCK.”

ID: 735103

9. Oh, don’t try to think you can get out of this and no one’s noticing, pal.

ID: 735178

10. “Who, me?” Yeah, fucking YOU, buddy.

ID: 735215

11. Don’t even think about it.

ID: 735233

12. Narwwwgggnawrgnawg guilty.

ID: 735258

13. Oh, come ON.

ID: 735261

14. Guilty.

ID: 735595

15. Guilty of wanton ornament destruction.

ID: 735265

16. Literally. This is you.

ID: 735282

17. Gggggggguilty.

ID: 735292

18. Guilty, and please stop gnawing at that.

ID: 735297

19. Don’t even pretend.

ID: 735306

20. Um, yes, we see you.

ID: 737739

21. We see you too, pal.

ID: 735441

22. Thou doth protest too much.

ID: 735355

23. Already getting into the tree box? I see where this is headed.

I don’t condone a tree-in-a-box, but I guess some people have pine allergies.

ID: 737747

24. Premeditated.

ID: 735319

26. I am dying right now that you think there’s even a chance you’re getting away with this, bud.

ID: 735606

28. Caught red-pawed.

ID: 737798

29. Guilty, do not pass GO, go directly to jail.

ID: 737861

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