Anatomy Of An Otter Heist

Warning: do not trust these adorable otters. They are super sneaky master thieves.

1. It seemed like a normal day at the zoo…

ID: 640376

2. But meanwhile, a nefarious character is plotting…

ID: 640441

3. He glances around….

ID: 640744

4. Yes! The coast is clear.

ID: 640740

5. He slinks across the grass…

ID: 641129

6. A master of disguise, he blends in with his surroundings.

ID: 641106

7. He reaches the rendez-vous point with his partner in crime

ID: 640748

8. Those sneaky sneakersons peek around…

ID: 640745

9. Here comes the zookeeper with the precious loot

ID: 641047

10. Quick! Duck!

ID: 641046

11. “Ok, the coast is clear!”

ID: 640747

12. They make a break for it

ID: 641103

13. “Aha! The loot is ours!”

ID: 641081

14. “Ok, do you see anything inside?”

ID: 641048

15. “No, do you?”

ID: 641086

16. “Where are the jewels?! They’re supposed to be here!”

ID: 641099

17. “Dammit, we were fooled!”

ID: 641101

18. Mission aborted!

ID: 641130

19. “Ok, at least we still have this ball to play with.”

ID: 641113

20. …..that is, until next time.

ID: 641114

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