20 Things That Happen When You Wear Less Makeup

Because you’re worth more than a stick of chemicals.

1. You spend less time getting ready.

Vaseline / Via youtube.com

2. Which means more snoozing time.

Columbia Pictures / Via gifsplosion.com

3. You save so much money.

New Line Cinema / Via gifmovie.tumblr.com

4. And even more time from not having to touch anything up.

5. You don’t have to wrassle with clown-paint remover.

Cartoon Network

6. Especially because some makeup requires paint thinner.

Interscope / Via crushable.com

7. Your face feels as free as an eagle.

20th Century Fox / Via gq.com

8. And if your pores could hug you for not clogging them, they would.

Fox / Via giphy.com

9. You save your face from 100,000,000 mystery chemicals.


10. You can rub your eyes freely with no threat of smudging.

Warner Bros. Pictures

11. And cry a river — mascara streak-free!

Columbia / Via youtube.com

12. You won’t emerge from the shower looking like this.


13. Or wake up looking like this.

14. Special occasions feel even more special when you doll up and wear it.

15. And not feeling pressure to have to wear makeup feels liberating.


17. No one notices or cares about the difference (and if they say you look tired, tell them that’s not very polite).

18. Meaning you can divert any energy you used to fret about what people will think for something else!


19. Because your family and friends still love you.

USA Films / Via giphy.com

20. And you look radiant.

Columbia / Via fridababy.com

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