Which Fictional Duo Are You And Your Pet?

Are you sidekicks, best pals, or partners in crime?

    1. Ketchup
    2. Chocolate Frosty
    3. Honey Mustard
    1. Ranch Dressing
    2. Buffalo Sauce
    3. Cheese Dip
    1. Photo Credit: istolethetv via Compfight cc
    2. Photo Credit: istolethetv via Compfight cc
    1. On top of you in bed.
    2. Snuggled up next to you.
    3. In her own little bed.
    1. Wherever he finished eating.
    2. By the front door, he’s always guarding you!
    3. Snuggled on the couch.
    1. Phish Food!
    2. Pistachio / Via
    3. Donut Ice Cream Sandwich
    1. Popsicle
    2. Bubblegum Baseball Glove
    3. Jelly Beans!
    1. Paramount Pictures
    2. Vestron Pictures
    3. Buena Vista Pictures/Paramount Pictures / MTV Film
    1. Paramount Pictures
    2. Castle Rock/Sony Pictures / MTV
    3. MTV Films/Napoleon Pictures

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