What It’s Like To Be Single, According To Cute Rats

“I’m actually pretty content with my snacks.”

1. The single life can get kinda lonely…

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2. …so finally, you decide you’re gonna join OkCupid for the seventh time.

“I’ll definitely find love this time around!”

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3. Until that creepy person inevitably messages you…

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4. …and you once again decide to give up on online dating forever.

“Please hide me.”

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5. Then you get all dressed up to go out one night, you know you’re lookin’ super adorable…

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6. …and you see an extremely cute person.

“Uh, hi.”

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7. But obviously, he starts macking on another babe.

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8. And you’re all like…

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9. Everyone on your news feed starts changing their relationship status to “married”…

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10. …and they also start posting pictures of their adorable new baby.

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11. And you’re just sitting at home like…

“I’m actually pretty content with my snacks.”

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12. You spend your weekends binge watching Netflix.

“I am completely exhausted from nothing.”

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13. Then you finally meet that person who you think you have a chance with, and you’re like…

ID: 3701600

14. No, really…

ID: 3701605

15. You have several hundred existential crises.

“Am I really hungry for a second dinner, or am I just bored?”

ID: 3702882

16. Sometimes, you get REALLY lonely…

ID: 3707508

17. …and all you want is someone to snuggle with.

ID: 3702969

18. But then you remember that you don’t need anyone to confirm how awesome you are!

ID: 3707525

19. So you’re just gonna chill out with your best friends and do you…

ID: 3707277

20. …because you know you’re super cute!

ID: 3702971

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