18 Reasons Why Rats Are The Most Underrated Pet

They’re like pocket-sized puppies!

1. They’re snuggly little critters. Just look at this lil guy napping in his pouch!

Photo Credit: La Tarte au Citron via Compfight cc
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2. A group of rats is called a mischief, which only adds to their cuteness.

Photo Credit: PuppiesAreProzac via Compfight cc
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3. They’re super smart so it’s easy to teach them tricks.

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4. They’re kinda like really small dogs!

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5. They have remarkable posture, as demonstrated by this cutie.

ID: 3659198

6. Rats are super friendly…

ID: 3659257

7. …to everyone they meet!

ID: 3659481

8. They’re especially loyal and affectionate to their humans.

ID: 3659806

9. Rats are the most adorable little nibblers in the entire world.

ID: 3659464


Photo Credit: La Tarte au Citron via Compfight cc
ID: 3659579

11. It is impossible to deny this little guy’s cuteness.

Photo Credit: ressaure via Compfight cc
ID: 3659541

12. They’ll cozy up anywhere, especially if it’s on your shoulder or in your lap.

ID: 3659663

13. They’ll happily frolic around while wearing a tiny hat.

ID: 3659763

14. These baby rats in a teeny crib are possibly the cutest thing in the entire universe.

ID: 3659957

15. They have the sweetest little faces, just check out this cutie!

ID: 3659972

16. Their tails can be PRETTY ADORABLE.

ID: 3659975

17. Rats have the tiniest, most kissable paws!

ID: 3660004

18. They’re ALWAYS down for a cuddle session.

ID: 3660064

19. Don’t judge a rat by his reputation, because these cuties just want to be your best pal!

ID: 3660187

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