This Young Leo DiCaprio Look-Alike Scored A Modeling Contract Thanks To Instagram

Is that you, Leo?

1. Oh hello. No, this isn’t a fine, young Leo Dicaprio. This is Australian teen Charles Levi.

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2. The 17-year-old was doing what a zillion other teenagers do—posting selfies to his Instagram account—when one of them caught the eye of Sydney photographer Richard Sawyer.

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3. “Young Leo is that you?” wrote Sawyer.

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4. Sawyer then connected Levi to Jaime McHugh at Sydney’s Chadwick Modeling Agency, who signed him on the spot.

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5. What do you think?



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6. He’s already starred in a fashion shoot for the magazine (appropriately titled) Fucking Young

“I’m finding it kind of strange being in the limelight really, it’s pretty awesome and everything,” he said. “it’s a great experience and great way to meet new creative people.”

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7. But young Charles says he’s going to finish school before he pursues fame in earnest.

“My plan for the future is to hopefully get into a university down in Sydney so I can study there,” he said. “Or perhaps even taking a gap year to have a go at modeling and to see where it goes.”

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8. Whatever you want, bae.

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