This Beyoncé Bike Is Better Than Your Bike

#Flawless ride.

1. New Bianchi bicycles can be super, super expensive.

The Italian bike brand has been around 125 years, and crafts highly respected lightweight racing and road frames.

ID: 3221259

2. For example, this Bianchi bike starts at around $2,400.

ID: 3221321

3. But that’s NOTHING compared to how much this Beyoncé bike is worth.

Adil Dara Kim
ID: 3221333

4. Made by Brooklyn artist Adil Dara Kim, this custom Bey bike is literally PRICELESS.

Adil Dara Kim
ID: 3221344
Adil Dara Kim
ID: 3221655

6. Right Bey?

ID: 3221475

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