The C-String Makes The Average Thong Look Like Granny Panties

Sorry in advance. NSFW?

1. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the C-string.

ID: 3162044

2. Like a magical maxi pad, the C-string stays in place thanks to a wire that goes between your butt cheeks.


Sounds great, right?

ID: 3162107

3. It comes in a variety of colors.

ID: 3165298

4. As well as textiles and patterns.

ID: 3162055

5. You can customize it.

ID: 3162114

6. And of course there’s a guy version.

ID: 3165363

7. Which also comes in “fur” and lace varieties.

ID: 3165286

8. Some reviews of the C-string are skeptical.


ID: 3162023

9. And there seem to be an awful lot of husbands buying the C-string for their wives.

ID: 3162222

12. But the C-string has its fans.

“I bought the C String for artist modeling, since I wanted to preserve a bit of my modesty while giving the artist the best view of the human body,” wrote “Jenny” on C-String’s website. “All in all, the c-string is sexy, not having to worry about the panty lines is great, and it’s an interesting sensation having no side coverage.”

ID: 3162313

13. This woman dared to wear it on the beach, even.

ID: 3165415

14. And this guy seems to like it.

ID: 3165295

15. So if regular thongs are just too much underwear for you, why not give it a try?

ID: 3162218

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