26 Remarkable Feats Of Manscaping

Your body really is a wonderland.

Chest hair has so many varied and wonderful uses.

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Let’s celebrate its versatility.

1. To prove how much you love your BFF.

2. To give you the happiest of happy trails.

3. To celebrate the holiday season.


Tidings of comfort and joy.

4. To show your romantic side.

King of hearts, no?

5. To demonstrate your artistic nature.


6. To show how Absolut(ely) sexy you are.

7. To demonstrate your patriotism.

8. To display your impressive wings.

9. To fight Deceptacons.

10. To guide lovers down the path of certain pleasure.

11. To remind yourself where your penis is.

mrstephenwynn / instagram.com

12. Geez, guys, OK WE GET IT.

lbarry31 / instagram.com


13. To show off your six-pack and cool new swimsuit.

14. Or your hard-won eight-pack.

gpertsas / instagram.com

15. As personal adornment at Burning Man.

16. To show your allegiance to your favorite superhero.

aliencyborgs / instagram.com

17. Ahem.

Carteriguy / instagram.com

19. To keep things business casual.

keeptickin / instagram.com

Though if you can’t grow it? Buy a tie.

20. To show how much you love cats.

daeboganmusic / instagram.com

21. To keep things optimistic.

22. To create a mighty mustache.

roostersnorcal / instagram.com

23. To support your favorite team.

24. To show off your custom “cupid being fired out of a canon” artwork.

justinedenhofer / instagram.com

(That’s what that’s supposed to be).

25. To cover up your assets.

robertapace / instagram.com

26. To show your true love.

Ashleylove85 / instagram.com

(Back hair).

Which is chest hair (of course).

sugarmamaskinsugartan / instagram.com

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