Looks Like Skrillex Had A Pretty Fun Time At NASA Today

They even let him drive the space car!

1. He had some astronaut food.

3. And doodled on the whiteboard.

4. He played with some virtual reality tools.

.@skrillex doing a virtual EVA (#spacewalk) on #ISS #skrillexatnasa #visitjsc

— SpaceArtLPI (@Humans in Space Art)

7. And met @Astro_Mike!

.@Skrillex meets @Astro_Mike in building 9 #skrillexatnasa #visitjsc

— NASA_Johnson (@Johnson Space Center)

8. He drove a SPACE CAR.

. @Skrillex driving the NASA space exploration vehicle at the JSC Rockyard. #skrillexatnasa #visitjsc

— NASA_Johnson (@Johnson Space Center)

9. And hung out in the CONTROL CENTER.

.@Skrillex on floor #NASA Mission Control Center watching astronauts floating on #ISS. #Skrillexatnasa #visitjsc

— SpaceArtLPI (@Humans in Space Art)

10. And toured a SHUTTLE.

. @Astro_Mike showing @Skrillex the mid deck of the shuttle

— NASA_Johnson (@Johnson Space Center)

.@skrillex hopping out of the shuttle mockup #skrillexatnasa #visitjsc

— SpaceArtLPI (@Humans in Space Art)

12. He even checked out NASA’s indoor pool — the world’s largest.

@SpaceArtLPI at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab's 40 foot deep pool w/ @Skrillex. #skrillexatnasa #visitjsc

— SpaceArtLPI (@Humans in Space Art)

13. Of course, it was Vined.

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14. Though it’s still not clear why exactly Skrillex was visiting Johnson Center…

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15. Maybe he just really likes space stuff.

16. Or maybe, you know…

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