29 Design Lessons We Learned From Domino Magazine

Domino Magazine was basically Pinterest before there was Pinterest. And I couldn’t be happier that it’s back in print.

1. You can never have too many picture frames.

Why even try to limit yourself?

ID: 2005382

2. Or just photos in general.

Domino Magazine / Starting from Scratch
ID: 2033607

3. Paint your ceilings.

With stripes!

ID: 2005500

4. Surround yourself with books.

Domino Magazine / Shelf Life
ID: 2005576

5. Fuchsia walls are 100% acceptable.

And they will transform your walk-up’s kitchen.

ID: 2005599

6. Classic French decor doesn’t have to be stuffy.

Throw something into your decorating mix just to tell your friends it’s “Napoleonic.”

ID: 2005646

7. Paint it black.

Domino Magazine / Glamorous Decadence

And always have plenty of plants around.

[source: Domino’s Book of Decorating]

ID: 2005710

8. Your old brown couch can still look good with the right wallpaper.

ID: 2033690

9. Use open storage in the kitchen.

Domino Magazine /

Domino was down with rustic before it became a household word.

Interior by Sharon Simonaire.

ID: 2005736

10. Mix and match your art.

Domino Magazine /

And make it pop with bright white walls.

From Johnson Hartig of Libertine’s home.

ID: 2005754

11. Take inspiration from the movies.

Domino Magazine /

Like this take The Royal Tenenbaums room from the January/February 2006 issue.

ID: 2007643

12. Make your backyard as special as the inside of your home.

Domino Magazine /
ID: 2008307

13. Hoarding can be elegant.

It helps stave off an intervention if you have some killer wallpaper, too.

ID: 2007612

14. Decorate all the way to the ceiling.

Domino Magazine /

Playing with height opens a space right up.

ID: 2008311

15. Light fixtures can make the room.

Domino Magazine /

So time to call the electrician.

ID: 2008333

16. Nurseries don’t need to be pink or blue.

Domino Magazine / Chay Wike Natural Beauty

Thank goodness those days are over.

ID: 2008455

17. A fireplace doesn’t have to be functional.

Domino Magazine /

Isn’t it sometimes better to have a gorgeous focal point than warm feet?

ID: 2008481

18. Don’t be afraid of patterns.

Domino Magazine /

It is possible to mix different prints in different styles and still keep it fabulous.

ID: 2008807

19. Your shoes can and should be part of your decor.

Domino Magazine / True Color

An idea whose time has come.

ID: 2005476

20. A pop of color is everything.

Domino Magazine /

And there’s no rule that says you can only have one.

ID: 2008828

21. And come to think of it, so is Pop of Cat.

Domino Magazine / Secondhand Love Story
ID: 2033388

22. Always use stripes.

Domino Magazine / Homemade Happiness

They make a clear statement in any room, whether they’re skinny or fat and bold.

ID: 2008863

23. Paint the front door.

Domino Magazine /

It’ll cheer you up every time you walk through it.

ID: 2008875

24. Think green

Domino Magazine /

Locally sourced and upcycled materials can make a gorgeous, eco-friendly home. From the issue where Domino built a home for Katrina survivors.

ID: 2008970

25. Primary colors are unexpectedly modern in a kitchen.

Domino Magazine /

Take cues from your favorite children’s book.

ID: 2008988

26. Always consider the unexpected.

Turns out that paisley wallpaper and antlers are kind of a match made in heaven.

ID: 2008996

27. Beige doesn’t have to be boring.

There are endless ways to punch up neutrals.

ID: 2945117

28. Display collections of things.

Domino Magazine /

Domino Magazine /


As random as they may be.

ID: 2033829

29. Lastly, tell a story.

Whimsy is always current.

ID: 2009025

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