Why Hockey Players Should Always Wear Visors

Protect your faces, dummies!

1. This is Marc Staal. He plays for the New York Rangers. Notice he does not wear a visor on his helmet.

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2. For comparison, here’s Staal’s teammate Rick Nash. Notice he does have a visor on his helmet.

Ray Stubblebine / Reuters
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3. Players wear visors to protect their eyes. After this incident last night, Staal probably wishes he had been wearing one.

ID: 960271

Warning. The next two shots more graphic.

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Seriously. They’re rough.

ID: 960481

You’re still here? Okay…

ID: 960485


ID: 960486


ID: 960487


ID: 960488


ID: 960489

13. Despite how scary the injury looked, Staal was not immediately taken to the hospital, which is an encouraging sign.

Ray Stubblebine / Reuters
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14. The Rangers have yet to update the press on the status of the injury, but here’s hoping he’s okay. And that maybe next time, he’s wearing a visor.

Elsa / Getty Images
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15. Watch the video here:

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H/T Some jerk.

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