What’s Ryan Lochte’s Favorite Movie?

You’ll never guess. It’s just not possible.

1. Ryan Lochte’s new reality show debuted last night on E!

Thanassis Stavrakis / AP
ID: 1098864

2. It was what you’d expect from a reality show starring a sex idiot who wears shoes like these and considers himself a fashion icon.

Thanassis Stavrakis / AP
ID: 1098865

But there was one truly shocking moment in the otherwise long line of predictable Lochte idiocy.

ID: 1098911

4. It came time for Lochte to pick a movie to watch, and he chose what is apparently his favorite movie. And it’s terrifying.

ID: 1099040

5. The only way to sound dumber when you’re claiming that What Women Want is your favorite movie is to call it What Woman Want.

ID: 1099075

6. So why does Lochte love that Mel Gibson “classic” so much?

ID: 1099092

The saddest part is, I bet Ryan thinks there is a literal king of the world.

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