Tim Lincecum Cut Off All His Hair

Can this actually be what Tim Lincecum looks like without his flowing Samson-esque locks?

1. This is San Francisco Giants star Tim Lincecum.

Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP
ID: 767920

2. Look at his gorgeous, flowing hair.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images
ID: 767963

3. See how it flows in the wind.

Julian H. Gonzalez/Detroit Free Press / MCT
ID: 767921

4. With each step Tim takes his hair bounces, giving him more power.

Paul Kitagaki Jr./Sacramento Bee / MCT
ID: 767916

5. But this week, just as the Mayans predicted, the world came to an end.

ID: 767970

6. (At least for Tim’s hair. He cut it off. That is what the Mayans were talking about, right?)

ID: 767971

7. Are you sure you’re ready to see this? It’s pretty painful.

ID: 767976

8. Okay, I warned you…

ID: 767983

9. 3…

ID: 767978

10. 2…

ID: 767980

11. 1…

ID: 767982


ID: 767905

13. AHHHHH!!!

These two ugly, blurry photos have been bouncing around the Internet this past week at places like Yahoo’s Big League Stew, Fox’s Yardbarker Network, and SB Nation’s McCovey Chronicles. They almost look unrecognizable to the Giants’ star, leading to the natural question: Is that actually TIm Lincecum? If so, why is Tim Lincecum trying to hide? Why the disguise Big Time Timmy Jim?

ID: 767906

14. Earlier this month a stylist did tweet that Lincecum had cut his hair, so that does give the pictures a little more weight.

ID: 768056

15. Let’s Compare The Photos:

ID: 768046

16. Verdict: If you see Tim Lincecum take a photo with him, but don’t use a potato as a camera. Also tell him to grow his hair back.

ID: 768051

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