The One Image You Shouldn’t Send (Or Should Definitely Send) To Redskins Fans Today

Just don’t do it. Unless you are a fan of another NFC East team.

As you’ve probably heard from the epic screams reverberating across the country from our nation’s capital, RGIII badly injured his knee last night.

ID: 790861

1. Redskins fans were disappointed.

ID: 790896

2. “Oh my God.”

ID: 790898

3. “Shit.”

ID: 790897

Today an image has been going viral on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Reddit: a clever visual joke about the RGIII injury that’s capable of triggering crazed fits of Redskin-fan anger.

ID: 790903

If you prefer to not risk a closet Skins fan seeing it over your shoulder and killing you instantly, I suggest you exit this page now.

ID: 790906

4. Are you sure you want to see it?

ID: 790907

5. Last chance…

ID: 790911

6. The Internet’s a jerk.

ID: 790902

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