The Greatest Travesty Ever: “The Sandlot” Edition

This is unacceptable!

Recently BuzzFeed sat down with Tom Guiry, the actor who played Scotty Smalls in The Sandlot to talk in honor of the recent release of the movie’s 20th Anniversary Blu-ray edition.

2. During the course of our talk, we asked Guiry how often someone quotes the greatest movie line of all time to him:

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3. So how often do people say “You’re killing me, Smalls!” to the real life Scott Smalls?


6. This is Tom Guiry! He still looks like Scott Smalls! How can you not say “You’re killing me, Smalls!” to him? How?!

7. This is more unacceptable than that time, Scott Smalls didn’t know who Babe Ruth was.

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