The Dallas Mavericks Cheerleaders’ New Uniforms Raise Eyebrows

“You can see the sides of their bodies! This is an outrage!”


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The Dallas Maverick cheerleaders’ new outfits have been getting a lot of press both foreign and stateside. Why? Because they’re so damn skimpy, of course. But are they? When I first saw the photos, they didn’t seem the least bit controversial. In fact, with the piece of fabric down the middle, they seem far less revealing than most. But I am a member of the hallowed fourth estate, so I couldn’t take that on faith. I needed to see cold, hard facts. Time to compare:

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Mavs Girls:


ID: 685811

Orlando Magic dancers:

John Raoux / AP

ID: 685774

Mavs Girls:


ID: 685816

Miami Heat dancers:

J Pat Carter / AP

ID: 685775

Mavs Girls’ new uniforms:


ID: 685294

Mavs Girls’ old uniforms:

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

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So they don’t seem that out of place in the NBA. Are the NFL cheerleaders more well-covered?

Nope. Stephen Morton / AP

ID: 685792

Nope. Andy Lyons / Getty Images

ID: 685797

Nope. Andy King / AP

ID: 685899

Verdict: This kid is disappointed in you for getting him excited for skimpier outfits.

Stephen Morton / AP

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