The Dallas Mavericks Cheerleaders’ New Uniforms Raise Eyebrows

“You can see the sides of their bodies! This is an outrage!” posted on

The Dallas Maverick cheerleaders’ new outfits have been getting a lot of press both foreign and stateside. Why? Because they’re so damn skimpy, of course. But are they? When I first saw the photos, they didn’t seem the least bit controversial. In fact, with the piece of fabric down the middle, they seem far less revealing than most. But I am a member of the hallowed fourth estate, so I couldn’t take that on faith. I needed to see cold, hard facts. Time to compare:

Mavs Girls:


Orlando Magic dancers:

John Raoux / AP

Mavs Girls:


Miami Heat dancers:

J Pat Carter / AP

Mavs Girls’ new uniforms:


Mavs Girls’ old uniforms:

Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

So they don’t seem that out of place in the NBA. Are the NFL cheerleaders more well-covered?

Nope. Stephen Morton / AP

Nope. Andy Lyons / Getty Images

Nope. Andy King / AP

Verdict: This kid is disappointed in you for getting him excited for skimpier outfits.

Stephen Morton / AP

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