“Te’oing” Is The New, New “Tebowing”

It’s easy to do. Just put your arm around an imaginary girlfriend and voila: “Te’oing.”

1. The enthusiastic “Te’o.”

ID: 815491

2. The “Te’o” that plays through pain. (Check the crutches.)

ID: 815482

3. The PDA “Te’o.”

ID: 815484

4. The stoner “Te’o.”

ID: 815487

5. The “I can’t tell if I’m about to kiss you or throw up” “Te’o.”

ID: 815488

6. The “This heart represents our love” “Te’o.”

ID: 815490

7. The overly-committed “Te’o.”

ID: 815492

8. The “I can’t believe I got her either” “Te’o.”

ID: 815494

9. The selfie “Te’o.”

ID: 815496

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