Subway Made A Meat Sculpture Of A College Football Star

Super creepy, Subway.

1. Meet Jarvis Jones.

Scott Cunningham / Getty Images
ID: 1102740

He was a star linebacker at Georgia and is expected to be a high pick in this week’s NFL draft.

ID: 1102745

3. Meet Buffalo Chicken Jarvis Jones.

Bebeto Matthews / AP
ID: 1102725

Subway wasted a lot of food created Buffalo Chicken Jarvis Jones to welcome Jones to the Subway endorser family. The dreadlocks are made of one thousand raisins.

ID: 1102748

5. But lest you think he was weirded out, actual Jarvis Jones and Buffalo Chicken Jarvis Jones are madly in love.

Diane Bondareff/Invision for SUBWAY / AP
ID: 1102732

6. At least it’s better than the nightmarish one they made for RGIII last year.

ID: 1102784

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