Streaking During A Hockey Game Is The Worst Of All Ideas

Why would anyone do this?

At last night’s Calgary Flames game, some idiot jumped on the ice in his underwear.

ID: 963542

This is stupid in the following ways:

ID: 963623

1. He wore underwear, which is not technically streaking.

ID: 963543

2. He was forced to continuously make this super badass hand gesture, because walking on ice makes it hard to balance.

ID: 963640

3. He rocked bare feet, which means he probably has hypothermia now.

ID: 963641

4. The people chasing him had ice skates. Again he did not.

ID: 963774

5. And finally, it’s really cold in hockey arenas. So in a word: Shrinkage.

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H/T Sean Newell at Deadspin

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