Sex.Com Wants To Pay Rob Gronkowski $3.75 Million To Film A Porn Scene

At least the Patriots star probably won’t get hurt doing this. Probably. I mean, unless he hurts his penis. From the sexing.

This is It’s basically Pinterest for porn. And by basically, I mean it is. Exactly.

(Note: The first time I blacked out this image, I forgot to black out the tiny avatars. That was mistake. A sexy, sexy mistake.)

ID: 868467

This is Rob Gronkowski of the New England Patiots. has offered Gronk $3.75 million (his 2014 NFL salary) to film a scene with porn star and friend of Gronk Britney MacLin (AKA Bibi Jones).

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

ID: 868541

Gronk and MacLin/Jones have a bit of a history. By which I mean this once happened.

ID: 868577

They sure do look like close friends, don’t they?

ID: 868570 also stipulates that Gronk can wait until his forearm heals to participate. Which is pretty thoughtful of them.

Jessica Rinaldi / Reuters

ID: 868598

I’m always tempted to ignore press releases like these, but for some reason… I don’t know… I feel like I could see Gronk doing this. I just can’t put my finger on why…

(ESPN / Peggy Sirota)

ID: 868638

(ESPN / Peggy Sirota)

ID: 868660

(ESPN / Peggy Sirota)

ID: 868663

Nope. No reason in particular…

ID: 868666

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