NFL Player Arrested Twice In 15 Hours, Delivers Amazing Mugshot

But that’s just the beginning. Double the arrests means double the mugshots!

1. Titus Young was a receiver for the Detroit Lions.

Leon Halip / Getty Images
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Titus Young is no longer a receiver for the Detroit Lions for the following reasons: • He punched a teammate.
He head-butted an opponent.
He intentionally lined up in the wrong spot on the field to punish the team for not throwing enough passes to him.

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Well it’s time to add not one, but two more items to Young’s résumé of bad behavior. First, he was arrested on Sunday morning shortly after midnight on suspicion of DUI.

ID: 1152745

4. That arrest led to this happy-go-lucky face from Young during his mugshot.

ID: 1152418

5. 15 hours later Young was arrested for climbing over the fence of the tow yard and trying to break out his car. He was less happy about that.

ID: 1152417

You know, I’m not sure why, but I get the sneaking feeling that Young’s probably not going to being playing pro football again. Just a hunch.

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