Mitt Romney Gets Punched Out By Big Bird At Texas Halftime Show

I have a feeling it might not have been the real Mitt Romney, but how can you ever be sure. Campaigns, am I right?

1. Big Bird started with the old “You can’t find me” gambit.

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2. Then he pushed “Mitt” out of the way, because he had important business to attend to: DANCE!

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3. Look at him go!

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4. But then the “former Governor of Massachusetts” made a run at Big Bird.

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5. If you come at Big Bird, you best not miss.

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6. “Mitt” struggled to get up. Big Bird was confused. His mind filled with questions. Why did this politician attack him? Why was he at a football game? Why had he never realized how strong his punches were?

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7. But “Mitt” got up okay, and joined in the most American of events: Dancing on a football field.

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8. They all got moves!

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9. And the dance, which was a metaphor for democracy, brings the two together. They share a meaningful handshake.

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10. Watch the video here:

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