McKayla Maroney Falls, Lets Out Her Inner "Mean Girl"

Not a good day for the Internet’s favorite American gymnast.

1. This is McKayla Maroney.

Julie Jacobson / AP
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2. You remember her from the perfect vault she did in the Women’s Team Gymnastics final.

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3. The one that was so good it made the judge’s jaw drop.

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4. Well yesterday was the Women’s Vault Final, and Maroney was the hands down favorite to win gold.

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5. Her first vault was unsurprisingly awesome.

She did land slightly on the red, which is good for a deduction, but as the announcer Shannon Miller said, “she has so little execution deduction in the air, that it’ll still be a huge score.” It was. Maroney’s 15.866 would be and remain the highest scored single vault in the Women’s Vault Final.

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7. But on the second vault the unthinkable happened.

Maroney fell down. According to Deadspin Maroney hadn’t missed on a vault in her last 33 attempts. Even with the fall, she ended up missing out on gold by only .108 points.

ID: 491183
Julie Jacobson / AP
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Quinn Rooney / Getty Images
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MIKE BLAKE / Reuters
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Maroney’s reaction to winning silver? Let out your inner “mean girl.”

ID: 491208

13. The “Do I look like I want to hug you right now?”

Video via RideThePine

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14. The Avoidance Eye Roll

ID: 491201

15. The Dagger Eyes

MIKE BLAKE / Reuters
ID: 491173

16. The “Did you really think I’d be happy with silver?” Face

ID: 491203

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