Kaepernicking Is The New Tebowing Is The New Planking

Here comes another sports-inspired photo trend.

1. Colin Kaepernick led the 49ers past the monolithic Green Bay Packers on Saturday night with a record-breaking performance. After scoring a touchdown Kaepernick “kissed” his bicep.

The Sacramento Bee, Hector Amezcua / AP

I use quotes because he had a facemask on so he really just brought his bicep to his mask, but it looked like he was kissing it.

ID: 807914

2. This was quickly adopted by the Internet as “Kaepernicking.” Posing for a photo while flexing and (ideally) kissing your bicep, though some just flex and look at it. Regardless it’s better than Tebowing.

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17. Bonus points for “Kaepernicking” in front of a Packers fan doing the “Discount Double Check.”

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