Insanely Huge Peewee Football Player Annihilates Normal-Sized Kid

This is why peewee football needs weight limits.

1. The following video is from a pee wee football game that took place three years ago between Shamokin and Pottsville in Pennsylvania surfaced today thanks to World Star Hip Hop and Deadspin.

ID: 714091

2. What follows is hilarious and probably painful. Thankfully the little guy was wearing pads.

ID: 714071

3. Watch it over and over!

ID: 714085

4. Use our Rubbable GIF to control the destruction!

ID: 714093

5. Here’s an artist’s rendering of what went through the other team’s heads when they saw this kid.

ID: 714084

6. And here is an artist’s rendering of what must have happened to the Earth in that part of Pennsylvania that day.

ID: 714086

H/T Barry Petchesky at Deadspin.

ID: 714095

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