How Come There Aren’t Giant Flying Animals Anymore?

Jose Canseco’s brilliant thoughts on gravity and dinosaurs.

1. First, late in the evening/early in the morning Jose Canseco tweeted this cryptic message.

ID: 902578

It’s important to remember that at this point, Jose had not yet shared any thoughts regarding gravity on his Twitter feed.

ID: 902593

3. The next evening Jose got to work laying out his theory.

ID: 902580

4. Well not until now, Jose.

ID: 902576

5. According to Wikipedia, the laziest-named dinosaur (Supersaurus) weighed 35 to 40 tons. But that’s still more than elephants. Go on, Jose.

ID: 902577

6. What?

ID: 902579

7. Okay. I have to say the word choice of “nimble” is really tremendous.

ID: 902575

8. I mean, that’s a solid theory.

ID: 902572

9. Bigness? Develop? Dominate? I feel like this is going to break into a defense of steroids any second.

ID: 902573

10. Hey, let’s not just make fun of him. That’s an interesting question. How else could 30 foot leather birds fly?

ID: 902574

12. Oh. Good point.

ID: 902624

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