An Orphanage In Kenya Recreated One Of The NBA’s Greatest Moments

This is adorable, awesome, and for a good cause.

1. Grace Care is an orphanage in Kenya. Over 200 children live there, but there is no field for the children to play in.

ID: 708587

2. So in an effort to raise the money to get a field, the orphanage made this video of the kid’s re-enacting Larry Bird’s famous 1987 Eastern Conference Finals Game 5 steal.

ID: 708370

3. Here’s a GIF of the two plays side-by-side:

ID: 708418

4. DJ and Bird’s famous hug.

ID: 708441

5. They even got one fan’s arm-waving cheer down.

ID: 708442

6. But my favorite part by far were the establishing shots of fans “outside the game.”

ID: 708446

7. And ticket takers/security as fans entered “the arena.”

Both are just spot-on recreations.

ID: 708447

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