An NFL Star Tried To Pick Up Alabama Quarterback’s Girlfriend During The National Championship Game

Darnell Dockett got caught going for it with the lovely Katherine Webb.

This is Katherine Webb. She’s Miss Alabama and she’s Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron’s girlfriend.

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1. This is Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals.

Photo by Christian Petersen / Getty Images
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2. During Monday night’s BCS National Championship Game Dockett reached out to Webb on Twitter (while her boyfriend was playing on the field!) to see if she wanted to go get wings and then go to a Miami strip club with him.

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Doesn’t that sound like a sweet date? He then deleted the tweet (and another one before asking if she was planning to go to King of Diamonds after the game). He then went to the classic excuse…

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3. But don’t think he’s embarrassed. Darnell Dockett doesn’t get embarrassed.

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Christian Petersen / Getty Images
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Jeff Haynes / Reuters
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