A Cheerleader Hit The Greatest Basketball Trick Shot You’ll Ever See

It’s so good, she must be a witch of some kind.

1. This is Ashlee Arnau. She’s a cheerleader at William Carey University in Mississippi. At a recent game she hit the greatest trick shot you’ll ever see.

ID: 916504

2. No. Seriously.

ID: 916509

3. Watch it again.

ID: 916529

4. One more time, in case your brain just exploded.

ID: 916530

5. She celebrated in style.

ID: 916508

6. And was almost captured by an evil psychopath of a man.

ID: 916506

7. But luckily she escaped.

ID: 916505

8. But that doesn’t mean that everyone loved it…

ID: 916507

9. Watch the video:

ID: 916544

H/T @HyperVocal.

ID: 916550

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