7 Mind-Blowing Ways To Think About How Much Time Manti Te’o Spent On The Phone With His Fake Girlfriend

Five hundred hours is a lot of hours.

Manti Te’o reportedly spoke to his fake girlfriend “Lennay Kekua” on the phone for 500 hours. Let’s put that in perspective.

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1. In 500 hours, you could watch “Zero Dark Thirty” zero dark 187.5 times.

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2. Or you could not watch “Movie 43” 171.4 times.

That’s right. Movie 43 is 15 minutes LONGER than Zero Dark Thirty.

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3. In 500 hours, you could watch every episode of “Lost” five times. And get a good start on a sixth. Walt!

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4. Or you could watch “The Simpsons” straight through (all 24 seasons!) 2.6 times.

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5. If the BCS National Championship had been expanded to 500 hours and scoring continued at the same rate, Alabama would have beaten Notre Dame 21,000-7,000. Also, many players would probably have been injured or collapsed from exhaustion.

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6. In 500 hours, you could listen to The Proclaimers’ “I Would Walk 500 Miles” 8,295 times.

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7. Or you could actually walk 1,251 miles — from Union Square in New York to Albany, Minnesota, if you were walking at a pace of 2.502 miles per hour, you don’t need to stop to sleep, and can walk through water.

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In summary, Manti Te’o really spent a LOT of time talking to a fake girlfriend he’d never met.

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