22 Jaw-Dropping Amateur Dunks That Are Better Than Anything In The NBA

Last weekend’s NBA dunk contest sucked, but people saying there are no new dunks that can be done are totally wrong.

1. The flat-footed vertical, between the legs.

ID: 904596

2. The reverse pump over a person holding the ball.

ID: 904593

3. The cuff-the-ball one-hand reverse pump.

ID: 904576

4. The double double.

ID: 904577

5. The 360 behind the back reverse on a self-oop.

ID: 904578

6. The 360 with a pump finish on the opposite side.

ID: 904590

7. The 540.

ID: 904582

8. The under both legs.

ID: 904591

9. The under both legs on a self-oop.

ID: 904585

10. The under both legs over someone.

ID: 904583

11. The under both legs 360 on a self-oop.

ID: 904584

12. The 360 behind the back.

ID: 904588

13. The angular 360 off a sellf oop.

ID: 904607

14. The between the legs off the basket support.

ID: 904597

15. The reverse off a self-oop over someone.

ID: 904608

16. The reverse pump over someone.

ID: 904617

17. The one handed cuff windmill over someone.

ID: 904599

18. The two ball windmill over someone.

ID: 904756

19. The between the legs over multiple people.

ID: 904616

20. The between the legs cartwheel.

ID: 904615

21. The off the side of the backboard oop over someone.

ID: 904605

22. The… what is he doing? Is that a blindfold?

ID: 904600

The blindfolded between the legs over three people!

ID: 904598

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