17 Reasons An NFL Team Should Give This Viral Video Kicker A Job

This guy is better at kicking than I am at anything.

Today, a Norwegian kicker who made a video of trick kicks that went viral got a tryout with the New York Jets. Let’s look at why they, or some other team, should give him a chance.

ID: 769254

1. He can kick backwards!

ID: 769243

2. He can clean up after himself!

ID: 769225

3. He can kick 60 yard field goals!

(That’s a long field goal by NFL standards.)

ID: 769234

4. He can kick from crazy angles!

ID: 769229

5. No, even crazier angles!

ID: 769226

6. He can kick in harsh conditions!

ID: 769227

7. He can do this!

ID: 769232

8. And this!

ID: 769233

9. He can kick into a basketball hoop from distance!

ID: 769235

10. He can kick accurately to different heights!

ID: 769230

11. He can kick accurately up a mountain!

ID: 769236

12. He can kick behind his back!

ID: 769237

13. He can finish an Alley-Oop kick!

ID: 769238

14. He can kick accurately onto a boat!

ID: 769241

15. Let me say that again. He can kick accurately onto a boat!

ID: 769239

16. He can kick backwards into a trashcan while sitting!

ID: 769240

17. He can kick one ball into the air, and then kick another ball that will hit that first ball!

ID: 769228

Watch the video here:

ID: 769252

H/T Barry Petchesky at Deadspin.

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