Vin Diesel As The Mona Lisa And 14 Other Insane Pieces Of Fan Art

Fast and Furious 6 is expected to race to a big box office win this weekend. Sure, it’s got sweet car crashes, but its real secret is the ginormous fan base — seriously, 41 million Facebook fans — of the big softy.

1. Da Vinci’s Diesel

ID: 1208965

2. Vin Diesel and Usher riding down a volcano on a sled pulled by two white tigers, as told in the Bible

ID: 1208940

3. He built the pyramids with his own two hands

ID: 1208939

4. Trees only grow because sunlight is nourished by a Diesel filter before reaching Earth

ID: 1208942

5. He’s a man of few words, because he’s talking telepathically with tigers

ID: 1208936

6. Sleep easy, for Diesel stands guard at the gate of dreams, ready to chase away all nightmares

ID: 1208944

7. Welcome to the gritty Super Mario reboot. Boo.

ID: 1209003

8. “This shit is bananas”

ID: 1208978

9. Spoiler alert: He’s the big bad behind the entire Marvel Universe

ID: 1208948

10. Hard to tell here, but he’s actually keeping this elephant from collapsing

ID: 1208952

11. Poetry, just a little thing he does on the side, for himself

ID: 1208955

12. If you’re not thinking about Vin Diesel every time you see a baby’s tiny feet, see a shrink ASAP or refrain from having children entirely

ID: 1208958

13. Stocking stuffer

ID: 1208973

14. Lucky cat

ID: 1208998

15. Actually, this may not be the most complimentary thing

ID: 1209013

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