21 Teachers Who Couldn’t Quite Believe That Michael Gove Got Sacked

Gove is no longer education secretary. Teachers are pleased.

Olivia Harris / Reuters

1. Teachers in schools across the country are reportedly breaking out into spontaneous dancing upon hearing that Michael Gove has been sacked.

2. Those who could contain themselves moved quickly to spread the word to their colleagues.

3. The news spread from classroom to classroom like wildfire.

4. As the news spread, so did the dancing.

5. For some, it was the birthday present they had always wanted.

6. For others, it was Christmas.

7. Teachers are reportedly prone to suffering spontaneous outbreaks of shrieking and whooping when informed of the news.

8. Some just about managed to suppress their whooping.

9. Others just let it all out.

10. Some waved a fond farewell.

11. In some staffrooms, teachers openly wept with joy at the news.

12. Pupils around the country looked on and tweeted reports of the celebrations.

13. At some schools, Gove’s departure seemed to bring everyone closer together.

14. The news gave some teachers a new lease of life.

15. For many teachers it was the best news they’d had in a while.


17. In some schools there were high-fives all around.

18. Some teachers made party plans for tonight.

19. Champagne sales are set to spike around the country.


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