Michael Gove Loses Job As Education Secretary

The Conservative MP is off to become chief whip.

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

Michael Gove has been moved from his job as education secretary, ending a controversial four-year stint in the role during which he radically changed the British education system and attracted the anger of teaching unions.

Prime minister David Cameron announced on Tuesday morning that Gove would remain in the cabinet as chief whip, in charge of ensuring party discipline. He will also have an increased media role in the run-up to the 2015 general election.

Gove will be replaced by Nicky Morgan, the current minister for women and equalities.

Gove’s education reforms, which included the introduction of free schools and changes to the national curriculum, were broadly popular within the Conservative party.

But his confrontational take-no-prisoners style often angered teachers and officials within his own department.

Polling for BuzzFeed in May found Gove was the most disliked Conservative politician among the general population, and a potential barrier to the Conservatives attracting new voters.

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