Watch A Man Crush An Adorable Baby’s Basketball Dreams

Ain’t nobody safe in these streets. Even this adorable little girl.

1. Here we have a young man, a toddler, and an excitable fellow recording it all with his smartphone.

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2. Let’s break this down. The ballhandler approaches the baby defender at the top of the key.

Within seconds, he’s already got an advantage: the baby is in terrible defensive position!

ID: 2471225

3. Almost immediately, he sets up the baby for the crossover with a deft behind-the-back dribble.

She’s playing him a little too close, especially for someone with a significant quickness disadvantage.

ID: 2471330

4. Look at this poor defense. She’s reaching for the ball instead of relying on her fundamentals and shuffling her feet.

Her favorite player is probably Steve Nash.

ID: 2471370

5. Arms straight out in front? Check. Flat-flooted? Check. Not forcing the ballhandler to drive with his weaker hand? Check.

It’s not a matter of if this guy is going to get past her, but when.

ID: 2471377

6. Uh oh. Now she’s off-balance. Baby done fucked up now.

ID: 2471388

7. Oh shit! She’s gonna be on SportsCenter.

ID: 2471394

8. Look at his face.

ID: 2471404

9. None of us have ever felt this triumphant about anything in our small lives. Behold the accomplishment.

ID: 2471412

10. She’s flat on her ass, he’s on his way to the basket and all we can do is hope she’s learned a valuable lesson.

Because life is cruel, he’s got to let her know about it.

ID: 2471416

11. Terrible baby defender can’t do a thing but watch as this man fulfills his destiny.

ID: 2471427

12. So we never see the lay-up in the video. But there’s no question that he missed it, right?

ID: 2471454

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