Is Gerry Adams Posing With This Goat Or Is This Goat Posing With Gerry Adams?

Everyone wants a “goatie” these days.

One person in this picture is a prominent Irish Republican who used to be banned from speaking on UK television. The other has an excellent beard.

ID: 3631961

But the question everyone’s asking is: Which one’s which?

ID: 3632054
ID: 3632055
ID: 3632059

There’s only one way to settle this:

ID: 3632052
  1. Is Gerry Adams posing with this goat or this goat posing with Gerry Adams?
    1. Gerry Adams is posing with the goat.
    2. The goat is posing with Gerry Adams.
ID: 3632049

Gerry Adams

ID: 3632070

Gerry Adams

ID: 3632069

Anyway, food for thought:

ID: 3632056

.@GerryAdamsSF you could have cleaned your nose #snot

— (@fascistCOW)
ID: 3632057

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